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Landscaping Services in Parkville

Professional Landscaping for Parkville Maryland

McCutter’s LawnScapes works hard to provide their clients with the utmost quality in materials, workmanship and, last but not least, workmanship. From the installation of irrigation to regular turf management, we are here to provide quality work and services for anyone, from commercial to industrial to residential properties in Parkville. You make the final decisions, from design to placement, while we bring your dreams to life.

The Best Landscaping Services for Parkville

McCutter’s offers a variety of important landscaping services for anyone in the Parkville area. Turf management can include a wealth of services, such as applications, fertilization and seeding. We can completely transform your backyard into an outdoor living space, complete with a fire pit and Koi pond, while simultaneously ensuring the upkeep with high quality, professionally installed irrigation systems. We have the knowledge and tools to maintain your lawn regularly, without interrupting your daily life.

Landscaping Services in Parkville for the Average Lawn

Grass Management
Many neighborhoods have a Homeowner’s Association that has specific requirements for the look of everyone’s lawn. We can evaluate the specifications and the turf before proceeding with the appropriate care techniques. We offer various applications, such as fertilizer and pest applications, as well as fungus and weed controls. We test the soil, and make the necessary amendments to ensure it will be nutritious to the plants and grass. During the Fall and Spring, we offer seeding and lawn renovation to maintain and update your yard. Finally, we manage core aeration, mole control and all essential mowing.

Design Outdoor Living Spaces
Help us transform your backyard into your dream yard, complete with various plants and ornaments. We will install the planting bed needed for the area, including bed prep, edging, mulching, ornaments and garden art. Our plants include trees and shrubs. We provide full maintenance, including wall retaining to ensure your garden stays safe and sound. We clean and seal sidewalks, as well as provide various water features for your pond such as Koi, ornamental fountains and aquatic plant maintenance. Sometimes you may require SOD installation, or drainage services to ensure rain water drains without collecting.

Create an outdoor living space for your family, complete with grills or kitchens, hot tubs or pools and your choice of an over-head structure for shade.

Landscaping in Parkville is available for anyone who needs it. Keep your turf looking its best, well-maintained and regularly serviced with McCutter’s LandScapes. From monthly maintenance to irrigation, we can provide the best care possible for your lawn.